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We facilitate faster healing of chronic wounds by accurate and fast diagnosis

About Us

Progenitec envisions the creation of innovative wound diagnosis technologies. We have secured over US $3 million in external funding from the National Institute of Health over the past 5 years and assembled a competent team of scientists, clinicians and expert consultants with distinguished experience in clinical studies, manufacturing, intellectual property, and regulatory to ensure the success of new product launches.

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What We Do

Progenitec’s innovative technology marks a paradigm shift in wound assessment by detecting biomolecules on wound dressings without directly contacting the patients. The company is developing systems to detect non-healing and infected wounds and is currently in the process of getting FDA clearances and working with reimbursement consultants on two such devices - DETEC® pH and DETEC® Esterase, to monitor wound pH (a biomarker for non-healing wounds) and esterase activity (a biomarker for infection) respectively, by testing discarded wound dressings. These devices provide a more objective and efficient method to diagnose non-healing/infected wounds and better inform the doctors’ decision-making process than current time-consuming diagnostic tests.

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