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Landmark Health Innovations Forum

February 2020

We gave a presentation to introduce our products at the Landmark Health Innovations Forum, NYC, NY.

Wound Healing Society Abstract

February 2020

Progenitec's abstract on DETEC® pH “A Non-invasive Device for Prediction of Short Term Healing Potential of Chronic Wounds" has been accepted for the Poster Presentation Session at The Wound Healing Society Annual Meeting 2020, that will be held at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California May 13-17, 2020.

PCT Patent

January 2020

A PCT patent on wound diagnosis device technology was filed in January 2020.

Wound Healing Society Abstract for R&D Competition Award

January 2020

Progenitec's abstract on DETEC® Esterase “A Non-contact Device for Quick Screening of Wound Infections in Chronic Wound Patients” is currently being considered for the Industrial Research and Development Poster Competition Award at The Wound Healing Society Annual Meeting 2020, May 13-16 in San Diego, California. The abstract has also been selected for an oral presentation.

DETEC pH published in Advances in Wound Care

December 2019

Progenitec's manuscript " A device to predict short-term healing outcome of chronic wounds" was published in the journal Advances in Wound Care on December 27, 2019.

Trademark granted

November 2019

Our technology’s trademark DETEC® was granted by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

US Patent filed

April 2019

A US patent covering wound diagnosis device technology was filed in April 2019.

NIH Commercialization Accelerator Program

August 2018

Progenitec was selected for the NIH Commercialization Accelerator Program conducted by Larta Inc.

Progenitec receives NIH phase II award

September 2017

Progenitec received a Phase II Small Business Innovation Research award from the National Institute of Health for the development of wound infection diagnosis device.

Progenitec receives NIH phase II award

September 2016

Progenitec received a National Institute of Health Phase II Small Business Innovative Research Award for the development of imaging products for assessing the healing status of chronic wounds.  

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